In the world of professional sports, it’s not uncommon for managers and head coaches to get ejected from games. However, in the fast-paced and intense sport of hockey, such incidents are relatively rare. The last time a head coach was ejected from an NHL game was back in 2018. But recently, an intriguing incident unfolded on the ice, resulting in the ejection of a head coach and a series of events that captivated fans and players alike.

This breakdown delves into the details of what transpired during this eventful game. Brought to you by DraftKings, let’s explore the sequence of events and the ensuing drama that unfolded.

The Goalie’s Stick Play and Perry’s Remarkable Move

The action begins with an impressive stick play by the goalie, Bam Jari, who executes a poke check against Perry, demonstrating excellent skill and dexterity. Perry, not one to back down, retaliates by swiftly batting the defender’s stick out of his hands. The goalie, displaying remarkable coordination, bats the puck up to himself, showcasing his agility and control.

Amidst the chaos, Perry approaches the goalie to acknowledge his exceptional play. However, his admiration is met with hostility, as he is abruptly slammed to the ground. In a surprising turn of events, the goalie performs what appears to be a comical CPR gesture on Perry’s back, adding an amusing touch to the already intense situation.

Escalating Tensions and the Scrum

As the altercation unfolds, another player, Cirelli, targets Crosby, a move that is considered a serious violation. Rust, in defense of his teammate, leaps into action, resulting in a showdown between the two players. They grapple with each other, exchanging words while engaged in a physical struggle.

Crosby intervenes, attempting to defuse the situation and protect Rust. In a futile effort, he grabs Rust by his jersey, hoping to separate him from the conflict. Eventually, both Cirelli and Rust end up on the ice, their helmets removed as they continue their tussle. Surprisingly, amidst their helmetless state, they come to an understanding and decide to put their differences aside, realizing the importance of teamwork and solidarity.

Penalties, Confusion, and Frustration

Unfortunately, Perry’s involvement in the incident leads to him receiving two roughing penalties, further exacerbating the tension on the ice. He expresses his frustration at the referee, questioning the legitimacy of the penalties and the overall officiating throughout the game.

While Perry’s penalties are being assessed, the coach of the Tampa Bay Lightning, Cooper, waits for an explanation from the referee regarding the situation. Surprisingly, the Lightning find themselves on the penalty kill, with the Pittsburgh Penguins receiving a power play opportunity.

The confusion deepens as the penalties are distributed. Perry receives two roughing penalties, Friedman receives one roughing penalty, and both Cirelli and Rust receive penalties as well. The decision to assign two roughing penalties to Perry raises eyebrows and leaves everyone perplexed.

The Coach’s Outburst and Unanswered Questions

As frustration mounts, Cooper confronts the referee, Wes, seeking clarification on the decisions made. To Cooper’s dismay, Wes provides an explanation to the Penguins coach instead, leaving the Lightning coach feeling ignored and disrespected. In a fit of anger, Cooper questions Wes, asking if he is part of the Penguins team or part of the officiating crew. The outburst further demonstrates the coach’s frustration with the perceived bias in the game.

Wes, unfazed by the outburst, promptly ejects Cooper from the game. As he leaves, Cooper can be heard expressing his dissatisfaction, emphasizing the impact of the penalties on the game. The situation escalates even further as Wes announces a five-on-three power play for the Penguins, adding to the confusion and frustration experienced by the Lightning.


In this breakdown, we witnessed a series of events that unfolded during an intense NHL game, resulting in the ejection of a head coach and a cascade of penalties. The incident highlighted the high stakes and emotions involved in professional hockey, captivating fans and players alike.

While the precise motivations behind the penalties and the coach’s ejection remain subject to debate, one thing is certain – the dynamics on the ice can be both thrilling and unpredictable. As fans, we eagerly await the next chapter of these fierce hockey rivalries and the compelling narratives that arise from them.

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This comprehensive breakdown, sponsored by DraftKings, provided an in-depth analysis of the events that transpired during a recent NHL game. From remarkable stick plays to escalating tensions and controversial penalties, the article shed light on the drama and intensity that make hockey such a captivating sport.