After an intense and action-packed two-hour gameplay, Argentina and France find themselves tied at three goals each. The match has reached a critical point where the fate of both teams will be decided through penalty kicks. In this comprehensive breakdown, we will analyze the exciting moments of the shootout. This analysis is brought to you by our partners at SeatGeek. Don’t forget to use the code \”JohnBoy\” to get a 20% discount on your next ticket purchase. Let’s dive into the thrilling penalty shootout between Argentina and France.

France Takes the Lead

The tension rises as France steps up to take the first penalty kick. They are eager to secure an early advantage. With a series of quick steps and a shot to the left, France’s player successfully scores the goal. The goalkeeper for Argentina gets a hand on it but fails to stop the ball from going in. France celebrates as they take the lead.

Messi’s Equalizer

Argentina’s turn arrives, and Lionel Messi, one of the world’s greatest players, steps up to the penalty spot. With a clever stutter step, he deceives the goalkeeper and scores an equalizer. The Argentinian team is filled with confidence, and the French goalkeeper realizes he was outsmarted.

France Falters

As the shootout progresses, France faces a setback. Their next penalty taker, Komon, fails to convert the shot. The French coaches start to worry, realizing that the task ahead might not be as easy as they initially thought. Despite the miss, the French goalkeeper makes a valiant effort and saves the shot, giving his team a glimmer of hope.

Argentina’s Keeper Shines

Argentina’s goalkeeper becomes the star of the shootout as he saves another shot from the French team. With two consecutive correct guesses, he showcases his exceptional skills and adds to the mounting pressure on the French players.

A Missed Opportunity for France

France’s chances to turn the tide take a blow when their next penalty taker, Dybala, shoots the ball right down the middle. However, the French goalkeeper jumps in the wrong direction, and the ball goes past him. The Argentinean players rejoice at their fortune, while the French team reflects on the missed opportunity.

Argentina’s Dominance Continues

The pressure on France intensifies as their next penalty taker, Chu Amani, misses the goal. The Argentinean goalkeeper once again guesses correctly and makes a crucial save. Argentina’s dominance in the shootout becomes evident as they consistently choose the bottom left corner to score their penalties.

Argentina on the Brink of Victory

With only one shot remaining, Argentina’s Paritis steps up to take the penalty. A successful goal would secure the World Cup victory for Argentina. Paritis confidently places the ball into the bottom left corner, just like his teammates before him. The Argentinean team celebrates, knowing they are on the verge of a historic triumph.

Celebrations and Reflections

As the final penalty hits the back of the net, Argentina’s victory is sealed. The winning coach rushes onto the field, checking on his triumphant players and reveling in their accomplishment. The defeated French team looks dejected, while their coach reflects on the challenges of penalty shootouts. Despite the disappointment, both teams showed sportsmanship and respect.


The penalty shootout between Argentina and France was a nail-biting and thrilling spectacle. It showcased the skills, nerves, and determination of the players and highlighted the critical role played by the goalkeepers. Argentina emerged victorious, securing the World Cup title with their precise penalties. This match will be remembered as a testament to the unpredictability and drama that penalty shootouts bring to the world of football.