In the world of sports, few things are as contentious as a disputed call by an umpire. Such moments can turn a game on its head and ignite passionate reactions from players and fans alike. A recent incident involving Bryce Harper and Angel Hernandez serves as a prime example of this. In this article, we will delve into the details of what transpired during this intense baseball game and explore the implications of Angel Hernandez’s controversial umpiring.

The Build-Up

The stage was set, and the tension was palpable. Bryce Harper, a star player known for his powerful swings, stepped up to the plate. The first pitch came, and it sailed outside, drawing no interest from Harper. The next pitch followed, and this time, Harper seemed to consider swinging, but did he offer? The umpire’s call was a resounding \”no, not even close.\”

The Controversial Call

As the next pitch was delivered, Harper unleashed a big, powerful swing straight through the ball, leaving no room for doubt. The count stood at two and one. The next pitch, however, was outside, making it a 3-1 count. Then came the pivotal moment: Harper swung again, and this time, Angel Hernandez, the umpire, ruled it a strike.

Harper’s Reaction

Bryce Harper couldn’t believe his ears. He expressed his frustration vociferously, using colorful language to convey his disbelief. He vehemently argued that he hadn’t swung and that the call was terrible. The crowd joined in, expressing their disdain for the umpire’s decision.

Angel Hernandez’s Response

Angel Hernandez, standing stoically amidst the commotion, seemed unfazed by the barrage of criticism. He calmly repeated, “You’ll see, you’ll see.” This only fueled Harper’s ire, as he retorted, “You’re actually the one that’s going to see.”

The Manager’s Intervention

The situation escalated, prompting Harper’s manager to intervene. He argued that the previous pitch, which Harper had held off on, was nearly identical to the one he had swung at. He contended that the inconsistency in Hernandez’s calls was baffling.

Video Analysis

To further dissect the controversy, a video analysis was conducted. It revealed that both pitches were indeed strikingly similar. Harper’s bat was brought back to the same spot, and if anything, it was brought back quicker in the pitch Hernandez deemed a swing. This raised questions about the umpire’s judgment.

Harper’s Ejection

In a dramatic turn of events, Bryce Harper was ejected from the game in the third inning for his vehement protests. Frustrated and furious, he threw his helmet into the crowd. The crowd, on the other hand, fumbled to catch the unexpected souvenir. Eventually, a young fan got his hands on the prized possession.


The incident involving Bryce Harper’s ejection and Angel Hernandez’s umpiring calls serves as a stark reminder of the passionate emotions that can run high in the world of sports. While some may argue that Angel Hernandez’s entertainment value is unmatched, the controversy surrounding his umpiring decisions cannot be ignored. Ultimately, it’s moments like these that make sports both captivating and maddening, leaving fans and players alike with lasting memories, for better or worse.